Why KaalApp?

  • Initial idea for timed messages were triggered by the behavior I observed with my grown-up kids. It was not easy to get any information on their weekend or evening activities.  There are many reasons why they may not be sharing the information. While there is no need to know all the things that are going on with your loved ones life, sometimes it is possible they may get into trouble. For instance, a simple hike may end up in some issues or so a blind date. With an app like KaalApp, they can just key in their plans and time that to be delivered at a specific time to a known contact. When all goes well as it should be, they can just cancel that message before it is fired. In the worst case, when they are in trouble, KaalApp will deliver that message on time and that can alert your contacts to look for you. 
  • While that is how it started, it seems like scheduled messages and reminders to self are useful in many occasions.
    • A reminder to take medication
    • Pick up groceries on the way home
    • A simple good morning to your loved ones on a recurring basis.
    • Seems like there are plenty of possibilities where KaalApp can apply. Hence, I thought why not write an app, maybe useful to others and in that process I also end up learning some new technologies.

Why Ping?

  • The motivation behind ping is to seek a response from the recipient. Let the app do it for you until there is a response or until the number of attempts have been made.
  • This was also driven by the behavior observed from kids. Send me a “text” once your flight lands or you reach home. It never comes until after a few messages.  Thought ping could be useful in similar contexts – Check on your elders and/or baby sitters from time to time.

Why only Text?

  • The goal of KaalApp is to provide scheduled messages. Later on, based on need from users we may think about supporting other messages.

Why only Android ?

  • Though KaalApp offers a unique concept that is not seen in the existing messaging apps, the messaging field is over-crowded. We will plan on supporting other platforms based on the feedback.